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Known QuickBooks® Enterprise Error Regarding Maximum Number of Users: How to Resolve and Report

Intuit has made us aware of an error telling QuickBooks® Enterprise users that they have exceeded the maximum number of users when logging in. If you see this error, please review our help document with instructions on how to resolve the error and report it to Intuit. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to report the error and send the appropriate data so the engineers can understand why this is happening and correct it.

Enterprise Error Help Document

QuickBooks® Enterprise Support

Phone: 866-340-7237 Monday-Friday 7AM-10PM EST Chat: https://enterprisesuite.intuit.com/customer-resource-center/enterprise-support/ Monday-Friday 8AM-8PM EST

Call us at 607-218-1132 with questions or concerns regarding this error and the steps to correct and report it.

Outside of our business hours (Monday-Thursday 8:30AM to 5:00PM EST), please contact Intuit Enterprise Support directly by phone or chat as directed above.

Thank you! Shelly & Morgan

Call: 607-218-1132

Email: Morgan@BianchiConsultants.com

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