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Customer Spotlight: Johnny's Wholesale Inc.

Meet Johnny's Wholesale Inc!

Bianchi is proud to say we have worked with this company for nearly a decade now! When I asked Michelle and Stephanie, long time employees and part of the Johnny's Wholesale family, to tell me more about the "rich" (you'll understand the pun soon) history, they were more than happy to share...

Rich Neno, president of Johnny's Wholesale, grew up in the Ithaca, NY area. He attended Enfield Elementary School, Boynton Middle School and Ithaca High School. Rich started "working" at Johnny's Wholesale at a very young age. His father, John Neno, started out this business in downtown Ithaca in 1954 as Johnny's Welding (which later became The Iron Shop where he did custom welding/ steel fabrication). He then saw the need for a wholesale dealer for septic tanks and accessories, so he branched out and became a dealer for Warren Concrete. As the septic business grew, he sold The Iron Shop in 1969 and officially started Johnny's Tank Service in 1970. Rich grew up around the business and started going there with his parents at the age of 10, where he would help in whatever ways were needed. From loading customers to eventually driving and doing deliveries, he would come to work after school. After John's retirement in 1990 , Rich became the president of Johnny's Wholesale Inc., which was created in 1988. Continuing the family business in the tradition of his parents as far as customer relations and service, is the most enjoyable part of his job. Johnny's Wholesale provides contractors as well as homeowners with plumbing/septic supplies. They sell everything from septic tanks to culvert pipe to decorative /retaining blocks. They also offer free delivery to 12 counties for pipe as well as septic tanks!

Shelly began working with Rich and his staff in 2009 as they were transitioning from a completely new office area, but also new computers and software. They had been very outdated previously and were looking to streamline their processes and increase efficiency and accuracy, as well as provide an overall better experience for their customers.

Michelle says, "After coming in for our initial meeting, Shelly jumped right in to instruct us on imputing customers, vendors, as well as our extensive line of inventory. In our business, inventory is critical and unfortunately was one of our weakest links. Due to the nature of DOS, we were unable to update our inventories until the following day. This led to constant running to check the actual quantities of materials as well as many times, upset customers as we did not have what we thought we did. The difference between DOS and QuickBooks was AMAZING. We can now check inventory and feel confident that is actually correct. QuickBooks Point of Sale has also made re-ordering much easier and keeping our inventory where it should be, rather than ordering unneeded items. The bookkeeping end of the program is very user friendly and easy to learn. Our latest updated version is still a little new to us, however we are all learning it very quickly and enjoying some features, such as the emailing of invoices, that we had not taken advantage of before. Shelly is AWESOME!! We could have never done all of this and come so far without her!".

Are you in need of their products and services? Do you know someone who is looking for recommendations? Contact Michelle & Stephanie - they will take great care of you!

CALL: 607-272-6261

WEB: http://johnnyswholesaleinc.com/

EMAIL: johnnysinc@aol.com

VISIT: 56 South Applegate Rd.Ithaca, NY 14850


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