QuickBooks® Payments

QuickBooks® Online Payments

QuickBooks® Enterprise Payments

QuickBooks® Point of Sale Payments

QuickBooks® Desktop Payments

QuickBooks® GoPayment (Mobile)

QuickBooks® Desktop Payments

QuickBooks® Online Payments

Get Paid Faster

Customers can pay you online with debit, credit, Apple Pay or bank transfer.

Books are Auto-Updated

Sales automatically appear in QuickBooks® in real time. 

Recurring Payments

Charge customers on a monthly or ongoing basis with automatic payment requests.

Effortless Reconciliation

QuickBooks® matches payments with invoices, so your books are reconciled!

Get Paid On the Go

Swipe debit and credit cards in the field. Bluetooth connection and EMV compliant!

$0 Monthly Fee

No monthly fee and free ACH transactions - does it get any better?!

Get Paid Faster

Add a Pay Now button to your invoices and let customers pay you online with ease. No need to wait for a check in the mail.

Books are Auto-Updated

QuickBooks® auto-updates invoices and reconciles fees and deposits, helping keep your books balanced.

No Committments

No contracts or fine print here! No monthly minimum, termination fees, or setup fees. 

Setup Recurring Payments

For clients you do the same work for each month, set up recurring payments or invoices to save time!

PCI Compliant

Protect your customers (and your business) with secure processing that meets the industry standards.

Accept All Payment Forms

Make life easier for your clients - accept credit and debit as well as ACH (bank transfer). 

Auto Deposit Funds

Get used to less trips to the bank. QuickBooks® auto-deposits your credit card and bank transfer payments.

Save Time (& Money)

Harmonize your payments and accounting software so you can quickly fix errors and see your cash flow.

Choose Your Rates

Pay-As-You-Go with no monthly fee or pay only $20 per month and save on processing fees! 


QuickBooks® Enterprise Payments

Send E-Invoices

With e-invoicing, email your invoices right from within QuickBooks® with a Pay Now link. Customers pay you instantly online or from their mobile device.

Accept Bank Transfers (ACH)

Accept bank payments and pay significantly lower processing fees! say goodbye to the days of waiting for checks in the mail.

Exclusive Rates

QuickBooks® Enterprise users receive preferred credit cards processing rates and fees with their active Enterprise subscription.


QuickBooks® GoPayment

Free GoPayment Reader

Get a free GoPayment reader when you start processing! Accept chip and mag-stripe cards with this Bluetooth reader that is both lightweight and portable.

Accept Payments Everywhere

Accept and record all credit card transactions. Plus, record any cash or check payments. This anytime, anywhere access is invaluable.

Sync to QuickBooks®

All transactions sync up with your QuickBooks® accounting and Point of Sale software to help you fully manage your business.


QuickBooks® GoPayment

Chip and Magstripe Card Reader


QuickBooks® GoPayment

All-in-One Card Reader

  • Accept EMV chip credit and debit cards as well as magstripe debit and credit cards. No contactless card capability.

  • Charge via included USB cable

  • Stays charged one week or longer, depending on usage

  • Connect wirelessly to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth in the QuickBooks® GoPayment iOS and Android app

  • Compatible with QuickBooks® Desktop 2018 and future versions via USB cable

  • Accept Apple Pay®, Android Pay™, Samsung Pay™, EMV chip and magstripe debit and credit cards

  • Charge via included docking station

  • Stays charged one week or longer, depending on usage.

  • Connect wirelessly to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth in the QuickBooks® GoPayment iOS and Android app

  • Compatible with QuickBooks® Online and QuickBooks® GoPayment


QuickBooks® Point of Sale Desktop Payments

EMV Chip Card Ready

Designed to support the most updated payment technology for greater data security - for you and your customers! Don't put yourself at risk any longer.

Competitive Rates

Choose your rates - one size does not fit all!  Our rep can help determine if Standard Pricing or Pay-As-You-Go rates are better suited for you.

1% Debit Card Fees

It's true! Pay only 1% for all debit card transactions. Save money by simply asking "debit or credit" when a customer pulls out their card - you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Eliminate Double Entry

Say goodbye to twice the work. Eliminate duplicate entries (and errors) and give your customer one receipt, not two! What will you do with this newfound free time?

No Commitment

NO contracts. NO cancellation fees. NO PCI compliance fees. NO setup fees.

NO hidden fees.

YES, it really is that transparent.

True Key & Swipe Rates

Don't give yourself a headache trying to understand your fees - pay one fixed rate for swiped cards and one for keyed, no matter the card. Even American Express!

One Click Integration

Streamline work flow processes
while using integrated batch reconciliation
with QuickBooks® Financial, saving you time and money. WIN-WIN!

True Integration

Most plug-ins will add more (complicated) steps to taking payments from your customers and have limitations with returns and gift cards. 

Gift Cards

Sell & redeem gift cards using the same hardware you already use for credit and debit cards! Only available to QuickBooks® Point of Sale Payments clients.